Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gargoyle Mailbox

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Blogger is nice, but I have found it too limiting for what I would like to do, so I have moved to Google Sites instead. All of the information found on this blog has been copied to the above web site, together with new information.

A mailbox and post assembled from garden statuary.

This was a simple project, mostly assembled from purchased components:

  • Garden statuary: Concrete post
  • Garden statuary: Gargoyle
  • Metal mailbox
The concrete post has a hollow center, so a steel post was driven through the  center hole into the ground to stabilize it. 

Three holes were drilled into the top of the gargoyle using carbide bits, and three stainless steel rods (previously threaded on one end) were inserted into the drilled holes and epoxied in place. A wooden platform was placed on the top of the threaded ends and locked in place with nuts and washers. The mailbox was screwed to the wooden platform.

Mailbox just after installation

Here are a some more pictures:


Winter - closeup

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